INFRATEL has more than adequate ground space for tower tenants to rent in a well maintained, fenced and secure environment. The space is leased out per surface area required. INFRATEL adheres to safe environment usage through ensuring that all contractors follow the laid down Environmental, Health and Safety regulations. These regulations stipulate conduct at site, safe ways of disposal of unwanted materials and prescribing the attire to wear when on site. Access to INFRATEL sites is strictly through prearrangement to ensure safety of equipment.

Ground space hosts all customer ground equipment, from power solutions to Baseband units. The ground space carters for both indoor and outdoor equipment as per configuration of the site and customer requirement.

Why Choose Us

INFRATEL offers customer defined ground space, where the customer decides what space they require and are only charged for the space they occupy.

Customers are free to take up more space as their needs increase. INFRATEL is ready to assist customers with civil works, at a fee, where customers require installation services as well. These may include building the plinth for outdoor installations.


Secure & lockable
Fenced to avoid intrusion
Lots of space for your own plinth
Lots of space for Power solutions of choice
Environmentally aware
24/7 Guarded premises
Well maintained environment

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