INFRATEL is implementing a state-of-the-art Remote site monitoring solution. This enables the seamless integration and real time transmission of all equipment status to display the most accurate status onsite.

Key features include fuel and power management all at a single glance. Ability to track smoke sensors, monitor grid supply and solar panel status.

In so doing all power plant equipment will be actively tracked leading to uninterrupted up-time or reduced response time in the case of failure.

Why Choose Us

To enhance service availability, site equipment will be monitored remotely with alerts sent in real time. As power supply is critical for uninterruptible service, Diesel generators fuel levels will be monitored remotely, batteries monitored remotely, rectifiers monitored remotely.

The remote site monitoring will also include security and access aspects.


Prevents unscheduled downtime
Real time knowledge of equipment status
Sends alerts in real time
Fuel status and availability information in real time
Health and utilisation of power and the batteries
Site access permission remotely

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