INFRATEL is one of the largest telecommunication infrastructure providers in Zambia that owns and operates more than 1000 communication towers, 3 Data Centres, a wide range of cloud services and shall operate a country wide Optic Fibre network which it leverages to provide wholesale telecommunications infrastructure as a service to MNOs, ISPs, Government organisations and other licensed entities.

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INFRATREL is resourced with 1282 towers spread across the country to serve Telecom operator’s wireless needs, for both mobile and Internet connectivity. The tower colocation services are fully resourced with backup power, cooling, security, ground and tower space.

INFRATEL operates three national data centres. The data centres have huge capacity for colocation services, storage services and platform services. Several operators in Zambia have started realising that setting up their infrastructure in the data centre gives them the freedom of operation and reduces their CAPEX.

INFRATEL shall be resourced with an extensive national optic fibre backbone network , both in the current state and in the future expansion. INFRATEL will therefore run the most extensive backbone fibre network in the country in line with INFRATEL’s vision.

INFRATEL offers a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service that integrates INFRATEL's infrastructure building capabilities with the advantages of its massive-user platform and ecosystem. We provide a considerable number of cloud services, such as Virtual Machines, Web-hosting, Office 365, Virtual Storage, SAAS and PAAS Solutions , to empower your business.