05 May 2020


INFRATEL Corporation Ltd, like many other companies, has been affected by the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our paramount obligation in view of the pandemic is to safeguard lives of our members of staff, customers, and the general public before business.

In keeping with Ministry of Health guidelines, INFRATEL management has taken a number of practical steps to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.

Where recognizable symptoms of the virus are observed in any of our staff, the company will undertake to provide necessary support to such member of staff in accessing treatment at Government designated centers. The following are the practical steps: 

1.Safeguarding INFRATEL Employees 

 I. Selected employees whose nature of work allows for flexibility to work from home have been advised not to report at their designated office locations but to work from home.

 II. For the rest, essential workers, the following measures have been put in place to ensure their work environments are safe: 

 a) A deliberate rota has been put in place to only allow a limited number of employees to work from the office at a time.

 b) Personal hand sanitizers and face masks have been provided for each employee.

 c) Communal hand sanitizers have been placed at strategic points within the working spaces. 

 d) Hand washing facilities have been made available at each office building entry point. 

 e) Social distancing within the work area has been emphasized and is being observed. 

 f) Face-to-face meetings have been limited to a maximum of three employees. Alternative online meeting platforms have

 III. Members of staff keeping our infrastructure functional 24/7 are part of the list of essential workers that has been submitted to Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority and Ministry of Transport & Communication. These essential workers will be mobile during this period.

2. Safeguarding the interests of the public: 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, effective communication has become critical for efficient implementation of measures aimed at combating the epidemic. 

As INFRATEL, we recognize our critical role in ensuring that infrastructure such as towers, standby power and cooling systems are available to the operators 24/7. In turn, the operators would guarantee high availability of telecommunication services such as internet and mobile voice services to the masses. 

To this effect, INFRATEL has put in Business Continuity measures to ensure that that our sites are powered 24/7 for operators (MNO’s) to continue serving the public. 

3. Smart Solutions for Business Enterprises 

Our data centers run robust cloud engines that create flexibility and agility in adopting digital transformation. Business Enterprises are therefore encouraged to take advantage of these platforms which provide remote accessibility to workloads and stored data for as long as they remain connected. 

Our Data Centers will be running 24/7 with no interruption during and after the COVID-19 period. 

INFRATEL’s commitment to ‘ensuring telecom infrastructure and ICT services are accessible everywhere’ remains the same. 


For more information on INFRATEL, kindly reach us on +260211427200 and 

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